Jojo’s Fish and Chips Bana Restaurant

Jojo’s Fish and Chips Bana Restaurant

Steve & Bal started Jojo’s Fish and Chips Bana Restaurant in 2000 after working as a Chef for 15 years in California and B.C.

Fish & Chip

Abbotsford, B.C.

Initially they started with just Fish & Chip and after love & support from Abbsoford, they introduced all day breakfast, burgers, sandwich.

As it’s family owned restaurant so they treat customers like a family and most of them are regulars, if you come here on a weekend you might have to do a reservation as there will be a waiting line if you end up going randomly to this place. 



Supreme Omelet + Juice 


There menu will give you so many options as they have a long list of things to offer starting from Appetizers to Desserts.




Rye Toast + Coffee

Ask for specials when you come by

Fish & Chip




Cajun Chicken Burger

9-32700 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4V6

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