Healthy Financial Planning Leads to Healthy Life

Healthy Financial Planning Leads to Healthy Life

In this crucial world, financial planning is the most vital parameter to lead a happy life. No matter how much resources we have, only if we have some proper financial planning we will be able to succeed in our life. Financial planning starts at a very young age and lasts until death. It starts with spending the pocket money that our parents give us to the properties we buy in our mid ages.

In today’s world, money is the greatest stress that a social being has. There should always be a plan for our present and future. Also, we should be able to face all the economic crisis happening in the country and much more. For all this,  we need to have some plan to succeed in our lives. We should firstly,  be able to look after our daily expenses,  then secondly, we should be able to get whatever we want mostly if materialistic things, and also we should be able to save for our future. Nevertheless,  when life puts you in trouble and you have to get some financial assistance and later you have to pay it back such as personalized loans, debts, and so on.

There is a popular ration of 50-30-20 which means no matter how much your salary is you need to assure this type of spending to lead a healthy life. The first ratio of 50% includes all your daily expenses and monthly dues and stuff like that. For an adult, all the bills of electricity,  water, household, etc. come under this ratio. The other 30 percent will make way to all your materialistic desires. For example,  when you wish to buy a mobile,  those expenditures will come under this ratio. Lastly, 20 percent of your salary is to be saved for future stuff such as for your health care and immediate financial requirement.

Some of the other ways which help you to lead a happy life are to spend less than you earn,  invest in something by which its value increases with the time period, personal savings, paying off a credit card. One of the vital things to rescue your life is to have insurances applied to you and your investments. All these basic things can be done at any age despite age limits both formally and informally.

Everyone desires to live a happy and healthy life with less or no stress. A smooth way to achieve this is by financial planning. A good plan will reduce your stress both emotionally and physical well being. It adds a healthy effect on your living. Above given are some good tips to be utilised to live a happy life by planning accordingly. Hence make plans and live a life you desire.

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