Better to install Winter Tires and be a Winner !!!

Improved traction in cold conditions: Winter tires are specifically designed to perform well in cold temperatures, providing better traction on snow and ice. The rubber compounds used in winter tires remain flexible in freezing temperatures, ensuring a better grip on slippery surfaces. Enhanced Snow and Ice Performance: The tread patterns of winter tires are designed with deep grooves and sipes […]

11 Auto Insurance Discounts, everyone should consider

Getting a discount on auto insurance involves a combination of factors, and it often depends on the insurance company, your personal circumstances, and the choices you make. Here are some general tips to help you potentially secure discounts on your auto insurance: Bundle Policies: Obtain quotes from multiple insurance providers. Different companies may offer varying discounts and rates for similar […]

How Innovation Drives Canadian Economy?

In this modern world,  we are always desperate to live a  modern life. For living such modern lives,  we always depend on new innovations contributing to our day to day life to the innovations needed for global solutions. We should also note that such innovations also contributes to the growth of the economy. Such growth is seen in Canadian’s economy […]

Healthy Financial Planning Leads to Healthy Life

In this crucial world, financial planning is the most vital parameter to lead a happy life. No matter how much resources we have, only if we have some proper financial planning we will be able to succeed in our life. Financial planning starts at a very young age and lasts until death. It starts with spending the pocket money that […]

Have you lost job due to COVID-19?

Due to COVID-19, many Canadians are dealing with income interruption, loss of income or job loss, here are steps you to consider: 1. Apply for Increased access to Employment Insurance (EI) and recovery benefits In this extremely challenging time for all Canadian, Government of Canada has stepped in with new Increased access to Employment Insurance (EI) and recovery benefits. This […]

JC’s Tacos and More

Marvin started this restaurant in 2010, he and his wife named this restaurant for the love of there kids. Jouse + Corina = JC’s There restaurant is know in community of Winnipeg for home made sauces and authentic Latin American flavors.     I stoped at this strange place and the architecture of this restaurant is so unique which is difficult […]

Stats Cocktails & Dreams

Danakas family started the Hot Spot restaurant  in 1980 then they changed to Stats Sports Bar in 1989 with the Rough Riders  when they won Grey Cup. In 1997, when Jason joined the Danakas family they changed it to Stats Cocktails & Dreams In memory of Late Mr. Peter Danaks they added Mr. D’s to there branding in 2005.  Logo […]

Cravings All Day Grill Bellini’s Lounge

Mia and Jason started this place with the help of family, and Mia’s parents were hotel and restaurant industry pioneers for 50years in Canada. Mia, Jason and daughters wanted to continue the legacy of the Danakas family   Christiana is Captian in-charge of Carvings in Regina They extensively support community and people highly speak about Danakas and Weinkauf family. Most of […]

Three Trees Tap + Kitchen

Jim Spenrath started this restaurant to support local businesses in the community. The Three Tree Logo symbolizes three sons in the family Michelle is a Captain in-charge for The Three Tree Since 2015    The real story of Three Trees goes back to Jim’s mom and times well spent at family cabin. They had special fishing spot that was there […]

Tutti Frutti Breakfast and Lunch- 140 Ave., North Edmonton

Tutti Frutti is serving in Edmonton since 2014and most of there clients are regulars and this restaurant is first choice for travelers as well. Divanshu Khantuja is captain of this sweet-spot in Edmonton and serving in resturant industry from more than 20+ years.   There Breakfast & Lunch is a your organic source of happiness and the time you spend […]