Cravings All Day Grill Bellini’s Lounge

Cravings All Day Grill Bellini’s Lounge

Mia and Jason started this place with the help of family, and Mia’s parents were hotel and restaurant industry pioneers for 50years in Canada.

Mia, Jason and daughters wanted to continue the legacy of the Danakas family  

Christiana is Captian in-charge of Carvings in Regina

They extensively support community and people highly speak about Danakas and Weinkauf family.

Most of there customers are  family and the enjoy family atmosphere with fresh home cooked food from Grand Ma Woula recipe’s 

One of the few place to offer Canadian AAA Beef and extensive Gluten Free Menu


If you really want large portion at a reasonable price then this is a sweet-spot to checkout !!!!

At Cravings everything is cook to order and all the ingredients are fresh and homemade.

Here are my top choices from there menu

Benedict Skillet

Reuben Sandwich

Baby Back Ribs

Amazing Desserts

Ribeye !!!!

1883 East, Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4N 6E6
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