Can I buy Insurance on the behalf of my friend?

In Ontario, generally, you cannot directly purchase insurance on behalf of someone else without their involvement or consent. Insurance contracts require the named insured to have an insurable interest in the property or risk being insured. Insurable interest typically means that the person named in the policy stands to suffer a financial loss if the insured event occurs.

If you want to help your friend obtain insurance, the typical process involves your friend providing the necessary information and consenting to the policy. The insurance company will need information about the person being insured, including their driving record, personal details, and any relevant information about the property or risk being insured.

It’s important to note that insurance contracts are legal agreements, and accurate information is crucial for the policy to be valid and effective. Attempting to purchase insurance for someone else without their knowledge or consent could lead to issues with the policy and may be considered fraudulent.

If your friend needs assistance with insurance but is unable to handle the process independently, it’s recommended that they contact the insurance company directly, work with an insurance broker, or seek assistance from someone they trust while actively participating in the process. Always ensure that you comply with legal and ethical considerations when dealing with insurance matters.

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