Need versus Want

Don’t let your Short-Term Happiness Rob your Long-Term Joy HAVING A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING AND ABILITY TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN “WHAT YOU NEED” VS. “WHAT YOU WANT”, IS AN IMPORTANT STEP TOWARDS SUCCESSFUL MONEY MANAGEMENT. You should be able to categorize your needs and wants clearly in order to use your money wisely. Needs are non-negotiable absolute requirements of your life. Wants are not […]

Fire Pit BBQ Smokehouse

Texas Style BBQ is an art form that goes far beyond the traditional fare of steaks and drumsticks. There meats are smoked in apple apple wood from the Okanagan.  An Awesome Texas style BBQ joint Just off the highway in beautiful Golden, British Columbia   Fire Pit Platter Low and slow is the name of the game for Texas Style […]

Why it is important to stay focused?

Which outcomes occur when you stay focused? Is being focused making you stress less? Is it making you happier? If it is so vital, why don’t we focus more often? When you find yourself losing focus, ask yourself “why?”. Once you know, you can improve your strategy. Remaining focused on something for a fixed time period enables you to accomplish a better […]

Organizational skills

Skill Set Every Smart Leader Needs Time management Scheduling The Ability to Plan Delegation Resources  Cooperation Skills Priorities Management  Self-Care Maintaining Efficiency  Setting Targets and Goals Clear Communication