Have you lost job due to COVID-19?

Due to COVID-19, many Canadians are dealing with income interruption, loss of income or job loss, here are steps you to consider: 1. Apply for Increased access to Employment Insurance (EI) and recovery benefits In this extremely challenging time for all Canadian, Government of Canada has stepped in with new Increased access to Employment Insurance (EI) and recovery benefits. This […]


If you Love Nachos, Madison’s is a place to go in Calgary  Madison’s is known for craft Nachos since July 2017, where you can find perfect combination beverages to make yourself happy. Vegan Friendly 12 diffrent types on Nachos Chai Latte $1.50 Momosa Build your own Nachos Poke Bowls Vegan Dessert Mocktails and Cocktails Candied Bacon There is a lot […]

Camping Essentials

Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience. Checklists are a great tool to help with your organization. Your camping list will vary according to the type of camping and activities you have planned, the places you are going, the time of year and the […]

Good Money Habits

The power of a good habit can work wonders, you can easily attain financial freedom by positively channeling how you treat your money. Forming good money habits is actually quite simple. it only takes a few small steps and changes before you’re on your way to the path of success. Discipline and deliberate actions will help you develop good money […]

Boost your Investing IQ

Everyone has personal dreams. Be it owning car, a house, your children going good university, or going on a vacation. But the majority of people are unable to follow their dreams and give them a specific shape. The reason for this is, they do not know what they should do to make their dreams a reality. As a result, all […]

Key Milestones before you start Investing

Nowadays the best way to earn more money is to let money work for you by investing it smartly.  And I am here to help you do that! These days lot of people are ready to jump into the world of financial investing because nowadays you can start investing with as little as $10/month and receive higher returns. But is […]

Boost your memory Naturally

Take Time for Meditation #1 The practice of meditation may positively affect your health in many ways. It is relaxing and soothing, and has been found to reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure and even improve memory . In fact, meditation has been shown to increase gray matter in the brain. Gray matter contains neuron cell bodies. Eat Less Added Sugar […]

Gold prices could be set to take out their long-standing record

A technical reading may also be flashing a warning sign that the rally could lose steam. Gold’s 14-day relative strength index held above 70, a signal for some investors that an asset may be overbought and set to drop. Gold Spot gold rose 0.1% to $1,810.15 an ounce at 7:24 a.m. in London. Prices climbed to $1,818.02 on Wednesday, the […]

Market Update- July 09, 2020

U.S. Futures Drift Before Job Data: Dollar Steady Oil Price Hampered Oil traded below $41 a barrel in New York as coronavirus cases continued to surge across the world and U.S. crude stockpiles grew. Hedge Funds Lost- 7.9% Hedge funds lost a record 7.9% in the first half of the year on an asset-weighted basis, according to Hedge Fund Research Inc.