Cannabis business insurance

Your cannabis business requires specialized insurance solutions. We collaborate with leading commercial cannabis insurers to deliver thorough coverage tailored for licensed producers, retailers, and other cannabis-related enterprises in Ontario. Contact a Harpreet Singh Insurance broker today for a personalized quote.

Tailored insurance solutions designed for licensed cannabis businesses in Ontario.

  • Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Manufacturing and processing operations
  • Landlords or leasing facility of cultivation or related businesses
  • Hospitality operations such as cannabis clubs and vape lounges.
  • Cannabis R&D, testing facilities, & labs
  • Medical marijuana physicians & clinics
  • Mail-order cannabis distribution
  • Marijuana industry consultants
  • All other ACMPR-related businesses

Competitive rates for cannabis business insurance

As the cannabis industry continues to develop in Ontario and across Canada, Harpreet Singh insurance broker is committed to ensuring you consistently have the appropriate protection.

Being a broker partnered with some of Canada’s premier cannabis insurers, we have access to top-notch coverage options and competitive rates tailored for licensed producers, dispensaries, and other recreational and medical cannabis-related businesses operating in Ontario.

What does cannabis business insurance cover?

Commercial general liability

  • This insurance shields your business from legal actions in case of injuries on your premises or property damage. It includes coverage for court-awarded damages, out-of-court settlements, and legal fees.
Stock in transit
  • Provides coverage for cannabis and related products that are stolen, lost, or damaged during transportation and on the road. Additionally, it safeguards against losses incurred by your customers if you operate as a distributor.


Product Liability

  • Crucial for every cannabis business, this insurance safeguards your company against lawsuits arising from product-related issues, such as negative reactions or inadequate labeling and signage. (Product Liability Insurance)
Business Contents
  • This coverage includes items such as lighting, electrical, hydroponic or lab equipment, furnishings, boilers, machinery, and other related assets. (business content insurance)


Commercial property

  • Insurance covering the building or premises where you cultivate, process, sell, package, or ship cannabis, protecting against risks like fire, storms, burst pipes, vandalism, and theft. If you lease the space, it also includes coverage for any improvements you have made. (commercial property insurance)


Inventory or stock insurance

  • Inventory protection is indispensable for cannabis enterprises. Encompassing every stage from seed to sale, this insurance safeguards plants in all growth phases, harvested flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, and other finalized products.